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Antenatal Yoga Guidance Notes

Prenatal Yoga gives gentle movement, strength, stamina, tone, suppleness and relaxation. It can ease many common ailments of pregnancy and prepare the body and mind for birth. While there is no one who should be excluded, check with your doctor before you begin a course if you suffer from a medical condition or have any doubts.

Always wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for your practice. Track suits, shorts or leggings and tee shirts or sweat shirts are very suitable. Do not wear anything restrictive especially around middle of the body (elastication essential).

Be prepared to work with bare feet. Warm clothing including socks will be required for relaxation. A blanket, cushions, bolsters and pillows are also useful during this time.

Take a non-slip Yoga mat, aerobics or foam camping mat, something large enough to lie down on which will not slip. If you have one, bring an exercise or birthing ball (click for more info on sizing), also pillows for support.

A period of one hour should elapse after light meals e.g. toast or sandwich, before beginning practise. Four hours after a normal meal to allow unhindered digestion, you may want to bring a bottle of water.

Breathe through the nose unless otherwise instructed. Violent movements, straining and overstretching should be avoided. Work at your own pace, within your own capacity. There is no competition. If a posture or movement is not right for you, there are always modifications or alternatives you can do, you can always choose to rest. Try to practise some of what you learn every day at home.